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Making the decision to place your child up for adoption is filled with uncertainty.

You believe you are doing the right thing but how can you really be sure?

How do you know what you should expect? Have you found the right adoptive family?
Does this decision have to mean goodbye forever?

The decision you have to make is tough and it will never feel straightforward but the more information and support you have, the more confident you can be about whatever choices you make.

Years ago, you’d hardly get any information when it came to considering adoption. You’d be given a handful of couples to choose from by the adoption agency. No pictures, no videos, no visits. Without a process that took everyone involved into account, expectant birth mothers were shut out during adoption. Isolated and lonely.

Thankfully, times have changed and there is a wealth of support for you in your birth mother experience.

Birth Mom Coaching helps you through the adoption process and considers your needs along with the needs of your child.  Every step of the way.

Now, your options are a world away from the old days, including the ability to build an adoption plan that is best suited to you and your situation. Now, there can be a network around you that understands the importance of the decision you are making and how it is likely to affect you and your child for the rest of your lives.

Wouldn’t you want all the help and encouragement you needed during this important time?  Answers to all the questions that come up along the way? Including Follow-up care that continues to support you after adoption?

And wouldn’t you want to know that you were getting it all from someone who has been there and felt all the emotions that go along with this life changing and life giving decision?

That’s what you’ll get from Birth Mom Coaching with me, Kim Noeth.

Give me a call 888-250-6363 or text 717-517-2334 and let’s talk about your situation.

It’s the best choice for your child and the best choice for you.

I placed my birth son into an open adoption 17 years ago. Our experience has been amazing. We worked hard at our relationship. I met his parents a couple of months before my birth son was born. I knew his mom was meant to be his mom the first time I talked to her on the phone.

Roanne’s Adoption Story
Roanne's Story

Never in a million years did I ever think that I will be put in a position to have to put one of my children up for adoption. Unfortunately things happen in life that you can't control and I found myself pregnant and I could not raise another child.

Vanessa’s Adoption Story
Vanessa's Story

On February of 1998, I found out I was pregnant by an older man that I had met at my job. At that time, I was a newly divorced single mother of a two-year-old boy, and working two jobs to make ends meet. After my divorce, I got very depressed and felt lonely. I, then, made some unwise decisions.

Melissa’s Adoption Story
Melissa's Story